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Need Traffic? (Who doesn't??) On this page, you will find a tremendous number of resources you need to bring more buyers to your site.

First, the FREE programs: They cost but a little time. Maybe they will be all your site needs.

Psst! But we don't think so. If you're like us, you're going to have to try all this free stuff and all this pay stuff before you realize, "I really need somebody whose, 'been there, done that', who can show me what to do." It is our pleasure to provide this to you and wish you luck. Seriously, it MAY work. (It just didn't for us.) Just e-mail us whenever you're ready.
Before you start, you're going to need one more tool to simplify your life: a Free Pop-up Stopper. Get it Here. (Free version is at the bottom of the page.)

Free Viral
Traffic Virus
Viral Traffic Blast

Free Automatic Surf Programs:

AutoHits This is the original automatic surf site; proven and reliable. Ratio is 4 to 5, plus 10% of credits from downline. 2 for 1 ratio; 20 second intervals. Tested at over 80 hits/hour. 50 free hits when you join, plus earn more hits from your referrals 4 levels down. 2 for 1 ratio; 25 second intervals. No limits on how many hits you can earn, including a share of your downline traffic over 5 levels: 10%, 7%, 5%, 2% and 1%. 15 second viewings. No popups on this one. Promote as many sites as you like. Earn 25% of your downline's traffic, 5 levels down. 2 for 1 ration: 20 second intrevals (750 Free Hits @ sign-up) This autosurf site tests 126 hits/hour, using a fast 20 second timer.

Free Surf For Hits Programs: (People actually see your site.)

Suggest you do not buy banner impressions on any of these programs. 20 second counter, 50 Bonus Credits at signup. 10 second view time.(!) 30 second counter. 15 second Counter. 30 Second Counter; 100 bonus hits for registering

Free Banner Exchanges: Swap up to four for five. 10,000 impressions sign up bonus.
Banners Exchange 1 for 2. The original.
Banner Advantage Up to 5 for 4. 2000 on signup/
E-BannerX 2 for 3.
Link Buddies 1 for 2
MLM Banner Exchange 1 for 1 plus credits for your referees.
Banners Go MLM

Free Exit Exchanges:

Exit Storm 1 for 2; refer to 5 levels.
Visitors 1 for 1; 50 for signing up.
Exit Exchange 1 for 2.
Trade My Traffic 3 for 4.
Exit Ave 1 for 2; referrals 5 deep.
Interpopup5 for 4, plus levels.

More Free Latecomers:

Free! Here's over $2000 in Pay Per Click Advertising!!

It would take you a month to find and catalog all the Pay Per Click search engines that will put free money into your account just for signing up. Just click here. We've got over 150 PPCs for you!

Time to "Kick it up a Notch"

Have you had enough of working like a dog, and having lousy results? You might be ready to try buying visitors. We sell the highest quality traffic available on the internet and, yes, we are ready to put our money where our mouth is! Buying visitors is a science, and those of you who have had the experience will appreciate our solution for your problem.

If you're new to this idea, start with the Frequently Asked Questions.

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