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The most impressive thing about hosting with HoGo is the interface we have for you. It will make you an instant Webmaster! The control panel really puts you in control. From running the e-mail functions of your domain, setting password control over access to anywhere on your site, providing autoresponders, to complete shopping cart systems for e-commerce. You can even set a counter all without knowing one stitch of CGI, Perl, or UNIX!!

When you go to upload your site, you don't need FTP. Just browse to pick up the proper files that comprise your site, then click Upload, and it's done! You can edit on-line then click Save for an instant look at your work. All this convenience does have a down side. Because you can edit on-line, the newest pages for your site will only be found on the HoGo servers. This is a dangerous situation. If we have a total system meltdown, or you accidently delete the wrong file (guess which is more likely) the files you have on your computer will not contain the latest editing. So, either learn FTP, so you can download your edited pages from our servers, or Copy the on-line editing page and Paste it onto it's file on your hard disk. The whole idea is to have your website backed up-no matter what.

One excellent way to get started is to download First Page, a feature-packed webpage builder, and use it to create your website. Amazingly, Front Page is free. By using this tool and the many HTML resources available, you should be able to set up a quality site in a short time. Thanks to our Instant Webmaster interface, you will have an easy job of maintaining your domain.


(I knew it, here it comes!) ...just in case you do need help, our tech support is available 24/365. They are fast, friendly, and, most important, helpful.

If you are scratching your head, wondering if you should try to take on this website thing, we recommend that you Go For It! All the tools you need are free, to get going with us will cost you $13.95, (and if you bail out within the first 30 days, you get that all back!) then $3.95 a month.

If you are a seasoned pro, and this all sounds too good to be true, latch on to the package that's the right size for you, then, when you get your welcome package, contact our techs and get the inside scoop. If you don't like what you hear, just tell PayPal you want a refund. But we think you will like what you hear, and that you'll be part of our family for a very long time.

Speaking of family: as a member, you will have access to Club HoGo, where the webmasters go to play. You will be given access to literally tons of free software, tutorials, cut and paste HTML, CGI, Java, Cold Fusion, and more. There is an up-to-the-hour news feed and a TechNews feed too. You can purchase cool items from the HoGoLogo Store. Additional links take you to some of the neatest places on the web, like the 30,000 recipes site and Dr. Batman's Water Cure-all free.

Good luck!
Team HoGo

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